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Our Services

We are a one stop marketing and PR communications agency based in China specializing in outbound and inbound brand marketing. We strive to break through geographical boundaries to help our brands reach a global audience.

PR & Branding

The Chinese market and the global marketplace are very different spaces. Whether you are expanding into or out of China, we can work with you to craft a localized strategy tailor made for your audience.

No matter your market, our team can convey your brand’s identity in a way that is relatable to your audience, through:

Building your brand awareness and enhancing your reputation with the general public and specialized audiences

Researching your target audience and market environment to help you craft a PR strategy that works within any country’s unique media ecosystem.

Ensuring all brand content is adapted to fit local and regional cultural expectations and realities.

Creating a positive brand image through effective messaging, and maintaining and managing your reputation.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Chinese social media is a very different animal than western social media with different rules and a different recipe for success

Our team can help form a strategy for your brand to stand out, whether in China’s unique and ever evolving social media ecosystem or on the global platform.

Our team monitors and interprets a wide variety of advanced analytics across several social media platforms to keep a pulse on the market and inform the next steps in your social media campaign.

Our team can identify any KOLs influential in your industry or to your target audience, and use their influence to boost your brand’s awareness and reputation.

Media Relations

Whether in China or abroad, we work with our clients to forge relationships with the relevant media channels, ensuring optimal media representation and building awareness for your brand.

We continually watch for new opportunities and take initiative to craft compelling media pitches and build lasting relationships within your target audience’s media landscape.

Media interview

Press Releases

Our press release distribution service offers connections to media outlets across 160 countries, and includes over 10,000 media outlets within China alone.

We offer comprehensive one stop press release services, including:

Writing and auditing content

Press Release distribution

Media reports 2-3 working days after release

Content Marketing

With years of experience with media communications, along with unique cultural insight, we can create professional, multilingual content across all media channels.

We ensure content is not only adapted to fit the target market’s culture, but also stands out from the competition and engages your audience.

We take into account the brand’s audience, target market, and marketing channels to develop an effective and informed content release plan

We can produce engaging content across all social media platforms relevant to your brand, adapted to fit any app’s format or trends

Want to make your content more interesting, lively and engaging? Our services go beyond writing. We can make your content “move!”

Crisis Management

When establishing your brand in a foreign market, you must have a crisis management strategy to stay afloat in the face of unpredictable challenges.

We work with you so your brand can weather any PR storm through:

PR crises prevention

Crisis response

Reputation restoration

Our Cases

Over the years we have built an impressive track record of successful marketing campaigns helping overseas brands expand their influence in the Chinese market.

Cross Border E-Commerce
Charitable Projects
Foreign Government
IT and Internet Industry
FCMG Products
Hospitality Tourism

Our Partners

Our approach is simple and builds upon past success. We believe in creating opportunities for passionate innovators that want to change the world.

About Us

iSpiderMedia is a PR and marketing agency that specializes in inbound and outbound communications. We aim to Build Your Brand Without Borders.

Our Consultancy

Content Team

As a professional platform for brand content distribution, our multilingual team of content experts have extensive industry experience, and use their knowledge of the multicultural landscape, user insights, content guidelines, and the general media world to make them the ideal partner for corporate brands looking to expand overseas.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Meet our happy clients and find why our agency is the preferred choice.

Nitin Dani Green Initiative l Founder

"We have cooperated many times on public welfare projects, and the team has always been very professional in helping to increase the exposure of green initiatives in domestic and overseas media. I highly recommend iSpider Media."

Helen Wang Hairong Ping An Cloud Accelerator l Marketing Director

"iSpider Media is a very professional and sincere partner. Their recommendations on the proper communication channels are very accurate, and they are a very reliable media communication supplier."

Carter Zheng Antai School of Management, Shanghai Jiaotong University

"From the release of the communication plan at the beginning, to its finalization, iSpider Media has shown their professionalism. I look forward to more cooperation in the future."

Helen Yi Yuting Mazu Mingli l Marketing Director

"Professional public relations communication and efficient service. iSpider Media's team is a very good partner for anyone in marketing communications."

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